PRICES (Donations to IPAK)


MEAL OPTIONS ($25 LUNCH in the Common Room)

#THECONVERSATION $25 (Includes breakfast)

2017 Joshua Kuntz Science Integrity Fellowship

*Thanks to a generous donation by Conference Sponsor Skyhorse Publishing, all general registrants will receive nearly $100 worth of free books from Skyhorse!

Vaccine Course attendees who are not attending Day Two can add-on the Skyhorse book package for $25.00.

Please consider adding a monthly donation to IPAK. Your donation will drive independent research done in the public interest without profit motive.


1. When is the lunch? Lunch is for Day 2.  We are working on non-GMO, gluten-free options.  

2. All separate registrations? Day 1: Vaccine Course (limit 25).  Day 2: The Conference.  Day 3: #TheConversation  Yes, all separate. 


If you are staying at the Wyndham Grand Hotel, you can reserve at the Wyndham Grand Hotel by following this link.